Elect Mark Osland

Chisago County Sheriff

Honesty, Integrity and Experience!

Mark Osland for Sheriff

I am Mark Osland and it would be my honor to serve you as Chisago County Sheriff. 

Assuring public safety has been my life. I have held a police officer license and worked for 29 years in the capacity of a sworn police officerI bring significant law enforcement expertise to the role of Sheriff and 20+ years of supervision. I have supervised large police units and complicated investigations that put away violent criminals.  I am currently a Lieutenant with the Minneapolis Police Department.  I am highly qualified to lead our Sheriff's department into the future.

I am fiscally conservative, responsive and ethical.  I stay informed by regularly attending County Board, committee, city and township meetings.  I spoke out against building a Jail/Law Enforcement complex of the size approved by the County board.  This topic has been inching forward slowly for nearly 20 years and eventually would have been approved.  I am pleased the jail bed size was reduced from the original oversized jail plans.  Under my oversight as Sheriff, future department operating expenses will be managed wisely.

I believe that the role of law enforcement is to provide an environment where people can pursue our basic civil rights:  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I want the opportunity to ensure that Chisago County law enforcement: Mark Osland for Chisago County Sheriff

(a) is responsive to the citizens and respectful of their property;

(b) protects and defends people and their belongings without infringing on personal rights and dignity;

(c) treats people with courtesy and respect; and

(d) spends our money responsibly while maintaining safety for citizens, their homes and businesses. 

I am dedicated to the long-term continued security of our community.

I need your Vote for Mark Osland in the Primary on August 14th.  

Early Primary Absentee Voting Begins June 29th!

Call me at 651-583-0707 with any questions.  Thank you!

Mark Osland